The Entertainer

...Please don't chase the entertainer



"He fooled me"

Brian Brushwood


Entertainment Options
Chase a great time with entertainment packages to suit almost any occasion.  Give Chase a call to book him as an entertainer, host or MC.
Comedy Magic
Your Host
If Fozzie Bear wanted to learn card tricks, he'd get Chase on the phone.  Chase’s lawyer advises him to avoid saying he’s actually a Muppet, but let’s just say he’d fit right in with the felted crowd.  Chase’s family friendly style has plenty of punch for the adults in the audience, while his audacious and colorful tricks are entertaining at any age or sobriety level.  With stage sets ranging from a few minutes to a full-length theatre show, Chase can bring the funny, the magical, and the funnily magical to an opening act or a full-scale stage event.
Nothing kills a party like a bored crowd, but nothing kills a crowd’s boredom like a professionally magical host.  Entertaining but not overbearing, Chase makes the awkward moments between acts, guests or courses at dinner disappear like magic by telling jokes, doing tricks and keeping the atmosphere convivial.  Let Chase handle the introduction of important guests with humor and wit, and count on him to cover delays or mishaps with a ready piece of comedy.  Improvisation and skilled audience-handling are the pillars of Chase’s hosting talent: it’s his job to make sure that if something goes wrong, no one ever even notices.
Magic Up Close
Psychic Entertainment
What is close-up magic?  Exactly what it says on the tin: magic performed so close you can’t miss a trick.  Perfect for dinners and social events, Chase’s close-up set takes him from table to table, baffling your guests with illusions performed right under their noses.  With illusions performed so up close and personal you’ll want reading glasses and a breath mint, it’s up to you to spot how he makes cards, coins and rubber bands defy physics, but good luck figuring it out.  The magic is in the details, but the entertainment is in the impossible.
Think you’re hard to read?  Think again.  Using a combination of psychology, keen observational skills and good old-fashioned trickery, Chase will tell you things about yourself you didn’t know you didn’t know.  Marvel at his mind-reading power, use it as a tool for self-improvement or baffle your friends with a lesson in how to read them like library books: whatever your psychic needs, Chase will educate and entertain you with his Sherlockian powers of deduction.  He can’t contact the dead, but he can scare the bejeezus out of the living in a one-on-one session or at a group event.