The Entertainer

...Please don't chase the entertainer



"He fooled me"

Brian Brushwood


  1. Chase’s favorite meal contains nine secret ingredients and twelve obvious ones.  #ChaseTheTruth

  2. It is illegal for Chase to purchase any kind of citrus fruit in Canada.  #ChaseTheTruth

  3. Chase has been injured by fourteen different magical props, but only hospitalized by one.  #ChaseTheTruth

  4. Chase has been sent postcards from both Narnia and Wonderland.  #ChaseTheTruth

  5. Chase makes the world’s best chocolate chip pancakes.  #ChaseTheTruth

  6. Chase has been bitten by the statue of Siegfriend and Roy’s tiger.  He needed ten stitches.  #ChaseTheTruth

  7. When Chase talks to his cat, his cat talks back.  #ChaseTheTruth

  8. Chase’s hair has been three different colors, but he has never dyed it.  #ChaseTheTruth

  9. Chase knows how to make a Pan-Galactic Gargleblaster.  #ChaseTheTruth

  10. Chase has taken a boat out to sea, but has never come back in one.  #ChaseTheTruth

  11. Chase owes the San Francisco sea lions protection money, but they refuse to tell him how much.  #ChaseTheTruth

  12. When Chase was born the lemon tree in his backyard grew oranges for a year.  #ChaseTheTruth

  13. Chase first arrived in San Francisco on the back of an Alaskan moose.  #ChaseTheTruth

  14. Chase has been sawn in half twice, and still has the scars from the second time.  #ChaseTheTruth

  15. Chase has been punched in the face by Wreck-It Ralph.  #ChaseTheTruth

  16. If you say “Chase the Entertainer” three times into a mirror, your reflection will pick a card.  #ChaseTheTruth

  17. Chase has been romantically involved with six of the nine Muses.  #ChaseTheTruth

  18. If you mime throwing a tennis ball to Chase, he will catch a real one.  #ChaseTheTruth

  19. Chase accidentally swallows an average of twelve playing cards a year.  #ChaseTheTruth

  20. Chase once made a heckler disappear, then reappear inside his own shoe.  #ChaseTheTruth

  21. For eight months Chase’s street act included a trained seagull named Larry. #ChaseTheTruth

  22. Chase’s cat Dexter is a distant descendant of the cat from The Godfather, but refuses a cat-ernity test.  #ChaseTheTruth

  23. Chase once caused a seven-car pileup by juggling traffic cones on the interstate.  #ChaseTheTruth

  24. Chase has a birthmark on his foot shaped like a top hat.  #ChaseTheTruth

  25. Chase was really accepted to Hogwarts, but was denied a student visa.  #ChaseTheTruth

  26. At least one of Chase’s thumbs is hollow.  #ChaseTheTruth

  27. The children of a small town in Northern California believe Chase is Santa Claus.  #ChaseTheTruth

  28. Chase once lived for a year on nothing but lemons and Tabasco sauce.  #ChaseTheTruth

  29. Chase once hypnotized a room of four hundred people, including himself.  #ChaseTheTruth

  30. Chase was once kicked out of a Trader Joe’s for juggling avocadoes.  #ChaseTheTruth

Born so deep in the South he got the bends coming to California, Chase has been performing magic since he was old enough to hold a deck of cards.  A run of bad luck that included a nasty auto accident convinced Chase that the only way to get ahead was to stack the deck, and that has been his magical philosophy ever since.  
After mishearing his mother telling him that being the class clown is not a viable career choice, Chase sought out mentorship from the best magicians alive today, developing a reputation for skill with cards and sleight of hand.  Despite his prowess with a deck of cards, Chase was unable to contain his inner Muppet, and so he trained in comedy and improv to develop a style of magic that is wickedly funny, classically deceptive, unusually obsessed with lemons and thus full of zest.
Despite his best attempts to grow up and get a real job, Chase couldn’t stop vanishing cards, levitating dollar bills and pulling quarters from the ears of unsuspecting children.  Ignoring the advice of friends, colleagues and internet advice columns, Chase quit his day job to pursue magic full time, to the delight of his audiences and the frustration of his long-suffering cat.
Now Chase spends his weekends in dazzling displays of outdoor entertainment at San Francisco’s own Fisherman’s Wharf; on stage, he is a founding member of Street Magic Live, the first stage show to bring the magic of street performance to the rain-free environment of the theater.  A regular entertainer at private events and parties, Chase has also earned his hosting stripes at the Bay Area’s many variety and vaudeville shows where he hosts, guests and performs walkaround magic among the audience. 
Chase’s two greatest ambitions are to perform magic on Late Night with Miss Piggy and to eat at KFC with Patton Oswalt.