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"He fooled me"

Brian Brushwood


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You think you know how he did it, but that’s just what he wants you to think: book Chase as a walkaround magician to see him perform miraculous illusions right under your nose.  Film it and watch it back in slow motion: you’ll still never guess!
Chase’s magic is a little funny in all the right ways.  Bringing comedy and sleight of hand together in ways that’ll have your funnybone trying to pick a card, Chase will keep you laughing and guessing with his riotous stage act.
Counting PT Barnum and Kermit the Frog among his MC inspirations, Chase keeps the slowest of events moving with his blend of standup comedy, illusions, and patented keep-the-guests-awake techniques.  No event is too formal to be spiced up with a little magic!
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Simply Hilarious!
A superlative professional and professional superlative, Chase has been entertaining Bay Area audiences for almost ten years.  Trained as a street performer and mentored by top magicians, Chase brings his very own humor, wit and charm to performances on both the stage and the street.  A founding member of San Francisco’s own Street Magic Live, Chase brings over two decades of experience to the art of making audiences ask, “How the hell did he do that?”